The Future of Solar Foundations

Ojjo's Earth Truss™ Solar Foundation System


A Major Reduction in Structural Steel

Ojjo offers a new way to approach solar foundation design. Solar foundations using driven piles are not optimized for solar-specific load conditions, so they require a lot more material than necessary. Ojjo’s Earth Truss offers a more efficient use of material because the loads are resisted by the strong axes of the structure. In addition to overall reduction in material, the optimized structural configuration of the Earth Truss minimizes embedment depth, which greatly reduces sub-surface risk.

  • Reduces material

  • Reduces labor

  • Eliminates sub-surface risk

  • Superior corrosion resistance

  • Increases value for bifacial high-reveal arrays


The Earth Truss


The Earth Truss is comprised of underground Anchors, above ground Legs, and a Tracker Bearing Adapter that form a truss. The underground portion of the truss can have screw threads or helical flights, depending on the soil type.

Single Truss with Screw Anchor

Single Truss with Helical Anchor



Streamlined Installation Through Advanced Automation


Meet Ojjo’s all-in-one precision Truss Driver™. With industry-first automation software, soil-specific attachments, and the ability to transport Anchors for over 120 kW of PV array per load, the Truss Driver dramatically reduces installation time and complexity. 


Eliminates material shake-out. Because the truss components travel with the machine, there is no need to transport the foundation material individually to each location before driving.

Faster location-to-location cycle time. Precision torque, speed, and position control allows maximum insertion speed in all soil types, including rock.

Automates torque tube and bearing alignment. Advanced motion control software allows the Truss Driver to align the top of the truss with the intended points of connection to the tracker, eliminating the need for secondary alignment operations at the time of tracker installation. 

One machine does it all. The Truss Driver handles all installation scenarios, including hard soils and solid rock via separately operable drilling and driving heads.


Eliminate Sub-Surface Risk


Sub-surface risk presents one of the most unpredictable factors in project economics and can make or break a project upfront; or cause major losses due to unforeseen refusal mitigation costs. Unlike H-piles, because of its structural efficiencies, the Earth Truss does not require deep embedment. And, if hard rock is encountered, the Truss Diver is capable of drilling and screwing the anchor in-process, without the need for additional equipment and materials.



A New Approach to Foundation Longevity

The Earth Truss comprises separate in-ground and above-ground sections that can each receive the most functional and cost-effective coating for their environment. The surface area is significantly less than typical plumb pile surface area; so enhanced surface treatments are more cost-effective. In addition to multiple thicknesses of hot dipped galvanized coating, Ojjo also offers an optional abrasion-resistant fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coating that can achieve a 50-year lifetime in most soil conditions.