The Truss Driver

All-in-one machine.

One machine does it all. Ojjo’s proprietary Truss Driver™ dramatically reduces foundation installation time and complexity while utilizing less steel than traditional foundation applications.

The Truss Driver machine delivers precision foundations with industry-first automation software, soil-specific drilling attachments, and the ability to perform simultaneous drill and drive operations for a superior installation experience.


First-of-its-kind automation.

With separate software-controlled actuators for velocity and position, the Truss Driver automation enables accurate truss and torque tube alignment for simplified tracker install. Automation can also eliminate pinning, enable responsive embedment depth, and maximize operational uptime.

Reduce Embedment

Intelligently reduce Screw Anchor embedment when torque levels are met, saving on both cycle time and steel volume.

Deliver Precision

Advanced motion control software allows for precise alignment of the truss structure for simplified tracker installation.

Leverage GPS

When preferred, utilize geospatial data functionality for accurate truss positioning and pinning elimination.

Drill and Drive

Eliminate predrill.

Customized to specific project conditions, automation software guides synchronous in-process drilling operations that eliminate predrill and refusals, significantly reducing subsurface risk.

Precision Installation

Protect against costly remediation.

Purpose-built drilling and driving heads handle the toughest soils in America, safeguarding against rework and schedule delays. The Truss Driver’s advanced motion control software enables precise positioning, eliminating secondary alignment operations and streamlining tracker installation.


Advanced location and monitoring data.

Compatible with leading GPS providers including Trimble, StoneX, and RDO Carlson, the Truss Driver uses geospatial data to automate truss placement, reduce pinning, and to deliver virtual project updates.

Truss Driver Partners

A legacy of machine excellence.

Ojjo proudly partners with Drill Tech Drilling and Shoring, Inc., one of the nation’s largest and most experienced geotechnical construction firms, to supply our proprietary Truss Driver fleet. Ojjo’s suite of machines is available with either Caterpillar or Hütte frames. As a subsidiary of Casagrande, the world leader in foundation and hydraulic drilling equipment, Hütte currently offers a dedicated manufacturing line for Ojjo’s Truss Drivers in Italy.


Collaborative approach to field services.

Our team works closely with EPCs, owners, and subcontractors to support the delivery of Ojjo’s unparalleled solar foundations on-time and on-budget.

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Training Services

Comprehensive field training for Truss Driver installers and mechanics by dedicated Ojjo personnel.

Field Support

Holistic support for field operations including spare parts provisioning, application engineering, and quality control guidance.

Engineering Services

Wide array of engineering support services from grading analysis to construction documentation ensures Ojjo’s seamless integration into any project.


Eagle Shadow Mountain

Considered some of the toughest caliche soil in the country, this project greatly benefited from Ojjo’s proprietary technology that entirely eliminated predrill. Key partners included Primoris Services Corp. (EPC), Arevon (Current Owner), and Avantus (Previous Owner).

Clark County, Nevada
Status: Construction Complete