The Earth Truss

More strength. Less steel volume.

The patented Earth Truss™ System revolutionizes foundation technology through innovative design and proven geometry. The reliable truss structure resists wind, gravity, and seismic loads via tension and compression for more efficient use of material.

Ojjo provides a new approach to foundation longevity. With value engineering at its core, the Earth Truss foundation typically requires significantly less steel volume and labor as compared to conventional piles.

Standard Earth Truss features include:

Hollow Screw Anchor, customizable Leg, and tracker-compatible Truss Caps
Cost-effective hot-dipped galvanized (HDG) or raw steel options
Various Screw Anchor thicknesses to meet corrosion or loading requirements
Dependable up-to 50-year design life in most soil conditions
Customized motor and damper location design per tracker
Above-ground CAB componentry
Example Savings
Saved in Predrill Labor Costs
Less Steel Material Used by Volume
Cubic Yards of Cut and Fill Grading Reduced
* Comparing Ojjo with conventional pile foundations on an average 200-MW project in Nevada with 75 percent or more predrill present.
Screw Anchor

No predrill required.

The hollow Screw Anchor is the heart of Ojjo’s foundation technology. With a crimp collar welded to the top for fast-connect coupling and a hollow tip at the end, the Screw Anchor counter-rotates into the ground while allowing simultaneous deployment of drills. This key innovation reduces costly refusals while saving on predrill costs and labor.

Subsurface Risk

Eliminate subsurface risk.

Subsurface risk presents one of the most unpredictable factors in project economics and can cause unforeseen refusal mitigation costs. Unlike conventional piles, the Earth Truss foundation minimizes embedment depth and can tackle variable soils without the need for additional equipment and materials.

View Earth Truss in Action
Grading Reduction

Less grading required.

Customary pile foundations typically only have 1.5 feet of reveal tolerance and can require considerable grading. The Ojjo Earth Truss offers more than 4 feet of reveal tolerance—no matter the truss height—allowing for topography to be absorbed beneath each tracker row, thereby significantly minimizing grading requirements.


Advanced automation streamlines installation.

Meet Ojjo's proprietary drilling machine, the all-in-one Truss Driver™, offering precision alignment through advanced automation.

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